You’ve found your way to the Annex blog. Here you’ll find articles written by young adults, volunteers and staff members of the Annex about a variety of entertaining and educational sex and sexuality-related topics.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

At the Annex, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about pregnancy prevention and that is because it is an important issue for the young people we work with. While it’s a year round focus for us, this time of year is special because it is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. It’s a time… Read more »

United Way Funding Loss

You've probably heard the news about the United Way's funding shortfall this year and that many Twin Cities nonprofits will be impacted. Sadly, the Annex Teen Clinic is one of the nonprofits that will lose all United Way funding (currently $60,000) effective July 1. The Annex has been proud to be a United Way funded agency… Read more »

The Courage to Act

Bystander intervention has been growing in popularity over the last several years as research-based data has become more available, highlighting real-world successes in lowering rates of violence in communities and/or schools in which an organized and systematic campaign has been adopted. In January of 2017, the Annex began a project partnership with the Sexual Violence… Read more »

STIs: Your Go-To Guide

As I’ve discussed previously, April is STI Awareness Month and for today’s post, I’m going to be outlining some basic facts about STIs (sexually transmitted infections). When it comes to protecting yourself from STIs, it is important to understand signs and symptoms. But just as important in preventing the spread of STIs is understanding transmission… Read more »

STI Awareness Month

The month of April is STI Awareness Month and is all about, well, raising awareness of STIs. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) continue to be highly stigmatized in our society. Jokes and stereotypes about them make people feel anxious and embarrassed. Unfortunately, STI stigmatization can delay testing and treatment which can lead to long-term health problems… Read more »


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