I want to thank Laurie Beth Fitz, host of the Connections radio program on AM 950, for hosting a great conversation about adolescent sexual health Saturday morning.  Joining the conversation was Brooke Stelzer, Annex Director of Sexuality Education and Jill Ferris, Director of Adolescent Sexual Health Training at the University of MN Prevention Research Center.

I still can’t believe how quickly those 60 minutes passed by. Laurie was a fabulous moderator and managed to pose just the right questions to enable us to cover a very complicated and multi-faceted topic in a short period of time.  As always, Jill did a great job providing a snapshot of current statewide data and trends and Brooke provided insightful comments about young people’s concerns and questions about sexual health.

If we are to achieve our goal of creating communities that speak openly and honestly about adolescent sexual health we need more of these conversations.  In case you didn’t have a chance to tune in Saturday morning, you can listen here!



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