Annex Advisory Council takes on HPV Campaign

We’ve recently partnered with American Cancer Society to tackle the statewide problem of low vaccination rates for HPV, or human papillomavirus. HPV infections are extremely common and can cause certain cancers, such as cervical cancer. HPV is also linked to particular mouth and throat cancers. Unfortunately, these cancers have been on the rise in the state of Minnesota—but could have been prevented by the HPV vaccine.

The young people of the Annex Advisory Council (AAC) have gone through education and training sessions in order to inform their peers and classmates about HPV and getting vaccinated. The AAC presented on HPV, amongst other adolescent health topics, at the Brooklyn Center Health and Wellness Fair in April and will continue to spread knowledge and awareness about HPV vaccination during the summer. Keep an eye out for Mission Papilloma: The HPV Project on social media this summer in order to stay informed about HPV vaccination and resources near you! The AAC would like to thank the Minnesota Department of Health for making this project possible.



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