Review of Seasons 1&2 Episode 1 of Sex Education on Netflix by Ty, A Member of the Annex Advisory Council (AAC)

Ty, Grade 10, He/Him: Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1

I love this episode, particularly because I’ve learned quite a bit about the subject matter in the episode from my time as a member of the Annex Advisory Council. In this episode, the main character Otis and his best friend Eric, arrive at school for the beginning of a new term, only to discover that the school is in the grips of a chlamydia outbreak. Much paranoia and stigma follows people wherever they go, particularly those who have been accused of being the “patient zero” of the outbreak. Luckily, Otis has been taught well by his mother, a registered sex therapist, and he shares the knowledge that he learned from her. He informs everyone that chlamydia can only be transferred from person to person through sexual contact, and not by breathing it in or by means of physical contact, as many people were saying. His saying so reduced the paranoia at the school, and prevented further bullying among his peers. His ability to speak up when people were not treating others with kindness and respect due to falsified information was very admirable, which makes this one of my favorite episodes Sex Education.


Ty, 10th Grade, He/Him/His, Reviewing Season 1, Episode 1 of Sex Education
This episode introduces us to the characters of Otis, Maeve, and Eric, among others. We get to know that Otis is talented in preaching safe sex and sex positive messages to his friends and peers. We also learn how even though he spreads good sex advice to his friends, he has difficulty practicing them himself. He has difficulty masturbating, and over the course of the season, can’t bring himself to tell the girl he has a crush on his feelings for her. It’s an interesting dynamic in the episode, and the episode does an excellent job of conveying that everyone matures sexually in different ways, and in different times. Although it’s not my favorite episode of Sex Education, it’s a very engaging and complex story, and is full of accurate sexual health advice that can be practiced by all.

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