People with passion

Jocelyn Beard (chair)

Work: Community Relations Manager at Tubman
Fun Fact: I love dogs and to brighten my day, I watch videos that include puppies and babies; it certainly brightens my day.

Barry Schade (treasurer)

Work: Retired after 35 years working in environmental protection
Fun Fact: I love taking care of plants and digging in the dirt.

Jessica Jerney (secretary)

Work: Senior Program Evaluator, Ramsey County
Fun Fact: Volunteered as a receptionist at the Annex in the 2000s. Previously worked in both reproductive justice and youth development.

Scott Dyer 

Work: Retired. Former family physician at Fremont Community Clinic and volunteer physician at the Annex and N.I.P. clinic.
Fun Fact: I grow vegetables in my backyard garden, including up to 40 tomato plants which provide a freezer full of roasted tomatoes for a taste of summer through the winter.

Sandy Naughton

Work: Health Educator for Health Start, a program of West Side Community Health Services
Fun Fact: I just completed my third triathlon as one of the more “senior” participants…. and also one of the slower finishers.

Babra Mumia

Work: St. Cloud University, International Admissions Student Worker
Fun Fact: I have twins both boys and I got chased by a Zebra 🙂

Liz Corey

Work: Evaluator at the Minnesota Department of Health
Fun Fact: Fun fact: I love to bake and watch baking shows. My favorite things to make are cinnamon rolls, key lime pie, and bread of any kind.

April R. Foster

Work: Project Success- facilitator
Fun Fact: I like to bake. I enjoy a good road trip &every outfit goes better with lipstick.

Javiera Monardez Popelka

Work: Between Us Health Program Coordinator Hennepin Healthcare/Familia Solutions Owner
Fun Fact: Fun fact: After I finished medica school I used my first salary to pay for voiceover lessons. I want to be the voice of a cartoon!

Jon Braman

Work: Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon at University of Minnesota
Fun fact: Fall is my favorite season with many outdoor activities with my family!

Alissa Fountain

Work: Perinatal and Pediatric HIV Program Supervisor, Children’s Minnesota
Fun Fact: I have two kids who were born on the same day, in the same hospital room- just two years apart! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I spend too much time day dreaming about the Oregon Coast, my favorite place to vacation.

Baye Diouf

Work: Analyst-Fin Manager University of Minnesota
Fun Fact: Fun fact: I am an avid oil painter in my spare time. I am learning wood working to build my own wooden boat in the near future.

Chris Sullivan

Work: VP of Enterprise Business Architecture and Payments at Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness, etc.)
Fun Fact: Fun fact: I’ve been to 47 states and 23 countries. I love to travel. In most countries I’ll find a way to take cooking lessons, too. As I also love to cook. 

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