Your privacy matters
We are legally obligated to protect your privacy.

Will your parents find out? No.

If you are under 18, you have the right to access sexual health services. You do not need anyone’s permission, including your parents’ or guardians’, or your partner(s). All services provided by the Annex Teen Clinic are confidential, and a Minnesota law, called the Minors’ Consent Law, protects this right.

While the care we provide is confidential, you are always encouraged to bring a friend, parent, or another support person to your visit with you.

If you have any questions about confidentiality at the Annex, feel free to call us at 763.533.1316.

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Annex Teen Clinic

The Annex Teen Clinic helps young people take charge of their sexual health by providing confidential health services and education.

Your privacy is the law

Your right to access these services without anyone’s permission is protected by law. Confidentiality is important to us because we know it’s important to you.


Annex Teen Clinic