Director of Sexuality Education

Ellen Saliares

Ellen Saliares
Ellen Saliares

Meet Ellen

Director of Sexuality Education
I’m Ellen Saliares (she/her), the Director of Sexuality Education at the Annex. I’m originally from St. Cloud. I like so much about working at the Annex, including all of the people I get to work with and the occasional free snacks! In my non-Annex time, I enjoy cooking, volunteering, and doing needlepoint (an Annex favorite was my needlepoint IUD!).  

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

At the Annex, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about pregnancy prevention and that is because it is an important issue for the young people we work with. While it’s a year round focus for us, this time of year is special because it is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. It’s a time… Read more

The Courage to Act

Bystander intervention has been growing in popularity over the last several years as research-based data has become more available, highlighting real-world successes in lowering rates of violence in communities and/or schools in which an organized and systematic campaign has been adopted. In January of 2017, the Annex began a project partnership with the Sexual Violence… Read more

sxsw edu

Those of us who love the Annex Teen Clinic know that part of what makes us so special is our focus on providing sexuality education and sexual health care by partnering with young people. Partnering. Not directing or making their decisions for them. We do what we do through a positive youth development lens because… Read more

Meet the New Crew!

*Note: Our team is so busy, it’s impossible to get them all into one picture! Featured: Linda, Ellen, Harmony, Travis, Abby, Carissa. Visit the staff page for bios!  The Annex Teen Clinic education team has grown and changed a lot over the past couple years. In addition to doing the community presentations and work we were… Read more

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Do you know what an unhealthy relationship looks and feels like? It can be hard for us as adults to always recognize when a relationship is veering into unhealthy territory, and the same is true for youth. Almost everybody recognizes that if someone is physically violent, that is a sign of an abusive relationship, but… Read more


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