I might need emergency contraception.

Take a deep breath. There are options for you, and we’re here to help you figure things out! If you think you might need emergency contraception, taking it as soon as possible is key to its effectiveness.

Give us call Monday through Friday after 10 am at 763.533.1316 to schedule an appointment. Let us know that you’re seeking emergency contraception, and we can answer your questions about it. Don’t worry, your call is confidential, and you will not be turned away due to lack of funds.

You are able to legally purchase Plan B or Levonorestrel over the counter at the drugstore, regardless of your age. It will cost between $40 and $60. Plan B is available at a reduced cost at the Annex.

What you should know about emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraception is a form of birth control that you can take up to 5 days after sex to help prevent a pregnancy. Emergency contraception is helpful in lots of situations, including:

  • If the condom breaks or slips off
  • You didn’t use any birth control or condoms or your partner “pulled out” or used the withdrawal method
  • You miss, are late, or stop using your birth control method, like the pill, the patch, the ring, or a Depo shot
  • You were forced to have sex and were not protected against a pregnancy

The Annex has two kinds of emergency contraception: Plan B (drug name: levonorestrel) and Ella (drug name: Ulipristal). If you’re overweight, both Ella and Plan B are less effective. Ella may work a little better than Plan B if you’re significantly overweight.

Emergency contraception does NOT prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you think you might have an STI, we can help you.

Ella (Ulipristal)

The sooner you take Ella, the more effective it will be. Ella is effective up to 5 days after you have sex. It may affect your current birth control, so be sure to use a condom or don’t have sex again until you have your period.

If you are already pregnant when you take Ella, it may harm a pregnancy or cause birth defects. It is available by prescription only.

Plan B (Levonorestrel)

The sooner you take Plan B, the more effective it will be. Plan B is effective up to 3 to 5 days after sex. It will not harm a pregnancy that’s already occurred. Plan B is available without a prescription at any pharmacy for between $40 and $60. It is available at a reduced rate at the Annex.

Side effects

The most common side effect of emergency contraception are headache, nausea, stomach pain, tiredness and dizziness. Generally, these symptoms are pretty mild and will go away within a day or two of taking the medication.

How will I know if it works?

If EC works, you should have your period within three weeks of taking it. If you don’t have a period within three weeks of taking emergency contraception, you should take a pregnancy test.

Making an Appointment is Easy

All you need to do is call 763.533.1316. Your call is completely confidential, and we will never share your information.