Is this normal?

Probably!  : )  Of course, we don’t know you, but we are asked this question a lot!  Here’s the deal: bodies come in all shapes, sizes and varieties.  And they’re all awesome.  Unfortunately, the media (movies, music, magazines, online stuff) pretends like this isn’t so.

Media often show certain “types” of bodies, and make it seem like there’s bodies that matter, and bodies that don’t.  But the media is wrong: Every Body Matters!  You probably also know that most of the time these bodies are not even real; the images have been digitally changed, people may have spent hours getting their hair and makeup done, and so on.

To help you put this into perspective, think about the people in your life that you love and care about.

Why do you love and care about them?  Is it because they have great abs or gorgeous hair?  Nope. Chances are, you love and care about people because they are generous, supportive, interesting, funny, et cetera.  So try and remember to be as nice to yourself as you are to the people you care about.  It can be really tough to learn to love your body, but it is so important!

One more thing:  Sometimes people compare their bodies or sex life to what they’ve seen in porn.  Porn is NOT the real world!  A lot of porn is about creating fantasy, and people are often put in extreme (and sometimes dangerous) situations.  We don’t recommend using porn as a tool for understanding bodies or sex.  Again, porn is not a documentary, it’s fiction.

Now let’s talk about what “normal” means when it comes to sexual health.

At the Annex, people will often ask us questions like:

  • Is it normal to have one breast slightly larger than the other?  (Yep, that’s normal.)
  • Is my penis the right size?  (Yep, that’s normal.  And there is no “right” size.)
  • Is this what my vulva is supposed to look like?  (Yep, that’s normal.)

Are you seeing a trend here?  A lot of people’s body concerns are totally normal, it’s just that they haven’t seen images that look the same way they do.

However, maybe you have a sexual health question like:

  • The discharge from my vagina smells different. Is this normal?
  • It hurts when I have sex. Is this normal?
  • I noticed a tiny bump on my penis or vulva/vagina. Is this normal?
  • The person I’m dating gets super jealous and angry when I talk to other people. Is this normal?

Please call us for these kinds of questions!  One of our nurses, doctors, or front desk staff would be happy to talk with you about your concerns.  We are experts in sexual health, and get asked these questions all of the time.

We’ll probably want you to make an appointment to visit us, and talk more about your question.  Remember:  You do not need anyone’s permission to receive our services or talk with our staff, and all of our services are confidential, which means your information will be kept private, and will not be shared with others.