4 the Annex

Just as we help young people plan for a successful future, we are planning for ours!

So many young people have trauma and negative experiences in their life, and they may never have had someone tell them: ‘you have strengths’, ‘you’re good at this’, or ‘your talent is something that’s important’.

Whether it’s with a nurse in the clinic or an educator in a classroom, we’ve seen the difference your contribution makes to the youth we serve. Knowing that there are adults out there who remember what adolescence was like, acknowledge that young people have skills, and trust that they can make good choices is life-altering to many of these young people.

“It’s amazing to have a place where I can come and feel comfortable talking without being judged. All the staff are so helpful and easy to talk to. The Annex has helped me in ways that my mom and dad can’t. I’ve got big dreams and goals, and that means no babies for a while. Thank you for helping me with my plans!” – Annex Client

Welcome to our “4 The Annex” Campaign. Our goal is to help us fund the Annex for the next 4 years. There are several ways you can join us:

  • Commit to monthly giving for the next 4 years: Just set it and forget it, in any amount you wish. We have some suggested amounts that would make a huge difference:
    • $24 per month- this provides a month of after-school programs every year for 4 years.
    • $54 per month- this pays for a parent education workshop every 4 months for 4 years, providing parents the tools they need to communicate with their child(ren).
    • $74 per month- this funds one IUD each year, including insertion and follow up, providing a young person with a 5-year birth control method that is 99% effective.
    • $104 per month- this pays for one male’s first clinic visit each month.
  • Commit to a one-time gift every year for 4 years: You pick the month. This can also make a major difference to an organization the size of ours. We can plan important services and programming vital to the youth in our area.
  • Special Gift to the Annex: As a nonprofit, there are always items we need to buy and capital improvements to be made. If you’d like to learn more about making a Special Gift, contact Brooke Thomson: [email protected] or 763-235-1981.

In 2016, we served more than 6,300 young people- more than ever before. Your gift can help us keep growing! 

Visit our GiveMN page to schedule your gift online, or contact Brooke for additional options: [email protected].

Photo CC Austin Kirk