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October is coming, so it’s time to talk! Advocates for Youth, an organization whose sole purpose is to champion programs and policies around sexual health for young people, created “Let’s Talk Month” to encourage parent/child communication about sexuality. The Annex recognizes the need for parents and youth to understand each other’s perspectives around relationships and sexual health. We know that young people want sex ed from their parents and guardians. We know that parents are the best sex educators for their children. We also know that bridging the gap to start conversations takes some practice. That’s where we come in!

You’re invited to join us for “Let’s Talk! Parents and Youth Connect about Sexuality
When: Saturday, October 14th, from 12-3pm
Where: Annex Teen Clinic, 5810 42nd Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Who: Parents, caregivers, and the young person or people they care about (ages 10+)
What: Lunch together, then parents and youth will separate out. Parents will participate in a workshop on raising sexually healthy kids called “It’s That Easy”, and youth will have activities and discussions around sexuality topics, identifying what supports they could use from home. Everyone will come back together for a connecting activity that makes conversations about sexuality much easier going forward!

Hosted by Sexuality and Parent Educators from Annex Teen Clinic, this workshop will help families start out the school year with a positive approach to communication that can continue far into the future. Only 30 spots are available, so sign up now!

Questions?  Email Linda or call 763.235.1983 X 4915

Linda Madson Meet the Author: Linda Madson is a Sexuality Educator at the Annex, where she has worked since 2016. Linda loves being in or on the water, and has always wanted a swimming pool.
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