Will my parents find out?


You can make your own decisions about sexual health, and you do not have to tell anyone about them. When it comes to sexual health issues, it doesn’t matter if you’re under the age of 18.  All services provided by the Annex Teen Clinic are confidential, and a Minnesota law protects this right (Minors’ Consent Law).

On the other hand, you are totally welcome to bring a parent, partner, friend, or anyone you wish to the Annex!

If you are under 18, you have the right to the following sexual health services.

You do not need anyone’s permission, including your parents’ or guardians’, or your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Birth control, including emergency contraception
  • Testing and treatment for STIs/STDs
  • Testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS
  • Pregnancy testing and all-options pregnancy counseling

Sometimes people will ask, “What if my parent (or partner) calls the Annex, and asks you for information about my clinic visit?”  This actually doesn’t happen very often, but if it did, our front desk person would say, “By law, we are not able to share any information about our clients.”  The Annex would not even verify if you had visited our clinic.  Again, this is the law.

It’s your right to get these health services confidentially – the clinic or doctor cannot tell anyone why you were there, unless you say it’s okay.  If you did want to share information with someone – like another clinic – our front desk staff would ask you to fill out and sign a Release of Information Form.

If you have any questions about confidentiality at the Annex, feel free to call us!

Remember:  You have rights, and you deserve to be healthy!


Making an Appointment is Easy

All you need to do is call 763.533.1316. Your call is completely confidential, and we will never share your information.