We offer workshops for young people as well as for adults.

The Annex Teen Clinic provides comprehensive, medically accurate, age-appropriate sexual health education in schools, community settings, and in partnership with families and faith communities. We also provide workshops for parents and caregivers.

Youth presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth control methods
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Healthy relationships and communication
  • What is sexuality?
  • Sexual decision making
  • Puberty
  • Sexual and reproductive anatomy
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) prevention

Guidelines for scheduling a presentation:

  • Contact our organization as early as possible to reserve a presentation date and time. The earlier you contact us, the more likely we are able to accommodate your request. Teachers and community members will often book a presentation months in advance – which is great! Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate a “last minute” presentation request.
  • We realize that teachers will often offer multiple sections of the same class during the day. Please note that the Annex will provide up to four presentations in a single day.

Who is able to request a presentation from the Annex?

Young people from absolutely anywhere can receive clinical services. However, the Annex focuses our education and outreach to our geographic service area, which is Northwest Hennepin County and North Minneapolis. This is because young people in these communities are more likely to find our clinic services accessible and we need to set boundaries on how far we travel due to limited staffing capacity. Whenever possible, we provide referrals to schools/organizations that are closer to your community.

If your school or organization is outside of our geographic service area, we suggest communicating with one of the resources listed on the Sexuality and Family Life Educators’ (SFLE) website.

Do you charge a fee for presentations?

We understand that many nonprofit organizations and schools have limited funding for presentations. We will present regardless of an organization’s ability to pay.

Each presentation costs an average of $125. We ask for a payment of $75 per class to help offset these costs. However, a payment in any amount is welcome, and we will present regardless of ability to pay.

What are the goals of providing presentations, and what is your approach?

  • Provide fact-based, youth-centered information on sexuality topics
  • Connect young people to the Annex Teen Clinic’s clinical services, when needed
  • Model open and honest communication around sexuality topics

Schedule a presentation in your home, school, community setting, or at the Annex.

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The Annex Teen Clinic helps young people take charge of their sexual health by providing confidential health services and education.

Your privacy is the law

Your right to access these services without anyone’s permission is protected by law. Confidentiality is important to us because we know it’s important to you.


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