Because adults need information and support, too

What workshops are available for adults?

  • It’s That Easy!”: Our foundational workshop for parents of middle and high school youth, and always the first workshop we do. It includes the healthy sexual development of 10-18-year-olds, discussions around teachable moments with young people, and room for questions and concerns.
  • “Let’s Talk! Parents and Youth Connect about Sexuality”: Parents and youth (ages 10-18) come together to focus on improving communication within families. Parents participate in “It’s That Easy” (see description above), while youth do fun activities that focus on healthy relationships. Lunch and swag bags are included.

Request a presentation for adults

After participating in any of the workshops above, we can provide follow-up sessions on a variety of other topics:

  • Technology and parenting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Sexual Harassment and Consent
  • STIs and Birth Control
  • Sexuality and (Dis)Ability
  • The Launch (for parents of kids leaving the nest)
  • And many more!

View our House Party Menu for more information and email Kristy Couture at kristy@annexteenclinic.org to schedule a follow-up workshop!

Guidelines for scheduling a presentation for adults:

  • At least 5 parents are needed for a successful workshop
  • We can facilitate at your home, faith community, or other locations; the Annex is always an option too
  • Light refreshments are offered along with educational materials and a gift card raffle!


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