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  • Please note that we require at least 5 participants to do a presentation.
    Select the presentation(s) you're interested in. note that we typically devote one session or class period (approx 50 minutes) to each topic; if you select multiple topics, please ensure there are multiple or sufficiently long sessions.
    Select the type of presentation you are looking for. Note: due to coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing protocols, at this time presentations can only be done online through Zoom.
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    Each presentation cost an average of $100. We ask for a payment of $75 per class to help offset these costs. However, payment in any amount is welcome, and we will present regardless of ability to pay. Do you have the ability to offset the presentation cost?

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Annex Teen Clinic

The Annex Teen Clinic helps young people take charge of their sexual health by providing confidential health services and education.

Your privacy is the law

Your right to access these services without anyone’s permission is protected by law. Confidentiality is important to us because we know it’s important to you.


Annex Teen Clinic