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Comprehensive Sex Ed in U.S. Schools: A brief history

Sex education in public schools has a long, arduous history in the United States. Beginning in 1912, public schools used handouts and pamphlets to educate their students on reproduction and pregnancy. Much of the information was vague and extremely limited in it comprehensiveness. That is, until the 1950s, when the American Medical Association (AMA) in [...]

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Those of us who love the Annex Teen Clinic know that part of what makes us so special is our focus on providing sexuality education and sexual health care by partnering with young people. Partnering. Not directing or making their decisions for them. We do what we do through a positive youth development lens because [...]

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Parents, we’ve got your back!

Parents are the primary sexuality educators for their children…it’s true! As parents, we often hope our kids are getting accurate sexual health information at school, or in formal settings from other adults. But what they hear and see from their families creates the deepest impressions and can impact their sexual attitudes for a lifetime. At [...]

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