Volunteering, better than a hot cup of cocoa?

Hey! I’m Nancy Vang, and I volunteer at the Annex Teen Clinic.

My story began in the fall of 2013. I accepted a position with City of Lake AmeriCorps, which meant I had 1700 hours to serve in a year. I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish all of those hours at the one site I was assigned to, so I began looking for an additional place to serve. Since my passion is to serve youth and educate them about safe sex, I was looking for a place that would fulfill that desire. In the past, I worked with an organization that partnered with the Annex and I even got to shadow one of their staff members, so I immediately thought they would be the perfect place. With that, I contacted Brooke Thomson about volunteer opportunities.

Brooke got me to work right away! I helped facilitate birth control classes, tabled at various community events, helped their Teen Outreach Program with projects, and tended to small office tasks (of course, folding their brochures is always a big one!) With these varying and entertaining assignments, I’m never bored. I am always having fun, I’m always busy, and I can see the impact of my volunteer work.

Since I started volunteering, I have met all of their staff and I even attended a meeting with some of their board members. They are a bunch of amazing people to work with. They welcome you into their building like they are welcoming you home. It has such a friendly/family feeling that you don’t want to leave! Honestly, it does feel like a second home to me. Whenever I got off from a long day of work, arriving at the Annex to volunteer was like having a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night.

The Annex has an amazing, passionate staff who care about their work and are eager to help those in need. It’s because of the staff and the environment they create that I enjoy working there. Even though I’ve accomplished my 1700 AmeriCorps hours, I will be an Annex volunteer for years to come.

Brooke Thomson Meet the Author: Brooke is the development and communications director at the Annex Clinic, where she’s worked since 2011. A fun fact about Brooke — she never matches her socks.
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