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Donor Spotlight: LaToya Green, Annex Volunteer

Did you have good information about sexuality and sexual health when you were a teen?

Yes I did, even though it’s not something I talked to my parents about much. I went to a school that had a great health teacher who thought it was important for us to know the facts. I remember learning about condoms and sexually transmitted infections and the information was presented in a fun way that stuck with me over the years. I now know how significant it was that the health teacher recognized the importance of that information, because not every school or student is so lucky.

Why is it important for young people to have access to factual sexual health information and services?

Talking about sexual health can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. This can lead to lack of information, or more likely, getting the wrong information. Not everyone has a trusted person or place that is willing to offer information about sex. When you have the facts you are able to make better choices for yourself. Our bodies should be celebrated and taken care of. The choices you make about sex affect your body, health, and future. Having accurate information allows you to take control of your life.

Why do you volunteer at the Annex? What do you like most about it?

I really wanted to work with teens in some way and I also care very much about health issues. When I found the Annex I was super excited to have the opportunity to combine two of my interests. I enjoy leading the birth control classes and have also met many great people who support the Annex.

In addition to donating your time, why do you give your money to this organization? What makes the Annex worthy of your precious time and money?

I think what the Annex does is very important. Providing teens with factual sexual health information and services empowers them to take care of their health and life. The Annex also creates a welcoming, friendly, and fun environment where teens can be supported. Teens can get answers and services that they may not find anywhere else. This equips them to make good decisions. Health is a gift and the sooner in life someone learns to take care of it, the more they will benefit from it.

LaToya Green Meet the Author: LaToya Green has been a volunteer at the Annex since 2013. She enjoys providing birth control information sessions, likes to color, and will travel for nachos.
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