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Donor profile: Maree Hampton, Annex Board Member

Did you have good information about sexuality and sexual health when you were a teen?

When I was a teen, I did not have access to good information about sexuality and sexual health. My parents did not bring up these topics, so my primary source of information was my friends, who were just as uninformed!

As a parent, why is it important for young people to have access to factual sexual health information and services?

As a parent of a teenager and pre-teen, I am so thankful to know about the Annex so that I can share this incredible resource with my children. The Annex helps to educate and prepare parents so that they are ready to engage in informative and respectful communication about sexual health with their children. Yes, it is still awkward, but I feel so much more confident about talking to my children about sexual health after attending a parent education event sponsored by the Annex.

We all need to be engaged in supporting our young people as they develop and grow! I love that the Annex provides age appropriate resources for teens, parents and educators.

What made you want to join the Annex’s board? What do you enjoy most about being a board member?

As a board member, I was drawn to the Annex Teen Clinic because of the organization’s authentic and real commitment to incorporating youth development principles into the important work that they do.  What I enjoy the most is seeing how committed the staff is to healthy youth development and being privy to that work.

In addition to donating your time as a board member, why do you donate your money? What makes the Annex a worthy organization?

As a board member, I have somewhat of an “insider’s perspective” on the how the clinic manages its resources and plans for the future. I am very impressed on all fronts! When I donate to the Annex, I am confident that the money will be used to support the important sexual health services for young people today and tomorrow. I whole-heartedly trust and support the Annex Teen Clinic staff and want to support their efforts in as many ways as possible.

Maree Hampton Meet the Author: Maree Hampton is an evaluation consultant and has been an Annex board member since 2013. A fun fact about Maree? Before moving to Minnesota, she lived in northeastern corner of Arizona and taught at Dine College, the Navajo Nation’s tribal community college. There, she fell in love with the canyons, mountains, and spicy green chile of the southwest.
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