Meet the board

Martha-(Board)Martha Pakan (Board Chair)

Work: Retired
Fun Fact: I run half marathons and play handbells.


Alex Merritt (Vice Chair)Alexresized

Work: General Mills
Fun Fact: I have literally walked barefoot across fire!


barryBarry Schade (Treasurer)

Work: Retired after 35 years working in environmental protection
Fun Fact: I love taking care of plants and digging in the dirt.


Jessica Jerney (Secretary)jess

Work: MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Fun Fact: I volunteered for the Annex for 6 years as a receptionist.

Jocelyn Beard

Work: Community Relations Manager at Tubman
Fun Fact: I love dogs and to brighten my day, I watch videos that include puppies and babies; it certainly brightens my day.

reneeRenee Gilmore

Work: Assistant Vice President of Advertising at Synchrony Financial
Fun Fact: I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro, trekked to Everest Base Camp and walked 170 km of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Gretchen GriffinGretchen

Work: Retired from Minnesota Department of Health after working in public health for 25 years.
Fun Fact: I was first involved with the Annex in the 1970’s as a volunteer birth control educator.

Maree Hampton

Work: Evaluation ConsultantMaree2
Fun Fact: Before moving to Minnesota, I lived in northeastern corner of Arizona and taught at Dine College, the Navajo Nation’s tribal community college. This is where I fell in love with the canyons, mountains, and spicy green chile of the southwest.

Kristin Kinneykristin

Work: Executive Director of the American Indian Family Center in Saint Paul
Fun Fact: Like to go fishing and four wheeling with my husband and two kids near our cabin in Wisconsin (not at the same time)!

Beth McCray

Work: Gift Planner at Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.
Fun Fact: I have climbed Mount Fuji and I love Russian history.

Annie-Laurie McRee

Work: Faculty in Adolescent Health at the University of Minnesota
Fun Fact: I like big dogs. I’ve had ones that weigh as much or more than I do!

Sandy Naughtonsandy

Work: Health Educator for Health Start, a program of West Side Community Health Services
Fun Fact: I just completed my third triathlon as one of the more “senior” participants…. and also one of the slower finishers.

Jen Tregarthen

Work: Strategist and Client Consultant at Lockton Companies
Fun Fact: Jen is a Manchu-Miler, completing a grueling 25-mile overnight ruck march amid the northernmost reaches of the Republic of Korea while she served in the U.S. Army. The movement takes its name from a march undertaken by the 9th Infantry Regiment soldiers during the Chinese “Boxer Rebellion” in 1900.

Photo CC Tiare Scott