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Annex Youth Councils Create Community and Connection & Reflections on Annex Education Programming

Annex Youth Councils Create Community and Connection In 2020 Annex Teen Clinic Youth Leadership and Advisory Councils moved online. As schools implemented distance learning and the regular routine of health classes were disrupted, the work of our youth councils took on new significance as spaces for learning, community, and connection amidst the pandemic. As young people… Read more

NETFLIX Sex Education

Ty, Grade 10, He/Him: Sex Education, Season 2, Episode 1 I love this episode, particularly because I’ve learned quite a bit about the subject matter in the episode from my time as a member of the Annex Advisory Council. In this episode, the main character Otis and his best friend Eric, arrive at school for… Read more


We’ve recently partnered with American Cancer Society to tackle the statewide problem of low vaccination rates for HPV, or human papillomavirus. HPV infections are extremely common and can cause certain cancers, such as cervical cancer. HPV is also linked to particular mouth and throat cancers. Unfortunately, these cancers have been on the rise in the state of… Read more

Annex Advisory Council (AAC) Advocacy

Members of the Annex Advisory Council have done some important advocacy work at the capitol this year! They attended AIDS Action Day in January, where they gave a speech and had a meeting with Representative Ryan Winkler to discuss comprehensive sexuality education, conversion therapy ban, HIV prevention & PrEP. In March, they participated in Outfront’s… Read more

“Expect Respect” Internship and Gender Inclusivity at Brooklyn Center HS

The “Expect Respect” Internship Group at Brooklyn Center High School provides students with a safe space to be themselves. In November 2018, an intern named Jesse* (name changed to protect privacy) approached Hannah, the Health Mentor at Brooklyn Center High School about something she experiences quite frequently at the school: discrimination in bathrooms based on… Read more




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