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Annex Advisory Council (AAC) Advocacy

Members of the Annex Advisory Council have done some important advocacy work at the capitol this year! They attended AIDS Action Day in January, where they gave a speech and had a meeting with Representative Ryan Winkler to discuss comprehensive sexuality education, conversion therapy ban, HIV prevention & PrEP. In March, they participated in Outfront’s… Read more

“Expect Respect” Internship and Gender Inclusivity at Brooklyn Center HS

The “Expect Respect” Internship Group at Brooklyn Center High School provides students with a safe space to be themselves. In November 2018, an intern named Jesse* (name changed to protect privacy) approached Hannah, the Health Mentor at Brooklyn Center High School about something she experiences quite frequently at the school: discrimination in bathrooms based on… Read more

Get PrEP at the Annex!

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, which is basically a way to protect people who don’t have HIV from getting HIV. Right now, there is one medication that is approved for PrEP, called Truvada. By taking one pill a day, Truvada is very effective at reducing the risk of getting HIV through sex. It’s important to… Read more

A group of families smiling on a couch in the Annex lobby

It’s October: Let’s Talk!

It’s October again, which means it’s “Let’s Talk Month!” Each year, organizations around the country celebrate this campaign by planning events that foster parent/child communication about sexuality and healthy relationships. In Minnesota, we’re thrilled that once again Governor Mark Dayton has made a declaration about it, drawing attention to the need for more and continued conversations… Read more

An introvert’s guide to social activism

It is a busy time in our country right now. Sometimes it feels like there are more things to fight over than there are to agree on, and like we live in an endless loop of devastating news. It can be easy to want to shut the door and hide. But now is precisely the… Read more




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Your right to access these services without anyone’s permission is protected by law. Confidentiality is important to us because we know it’s important to you.

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